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  1. You can rest easy now... theme for the Tanner Christmas Tree Village has been selected. Last Christmas had "Clue" theme http://bit.ly/9sQhCs
  2. Pulled my old View-Master projectors out of storage. The left is electric, right runs on 4 D batteries http://yfrog.com/0wgjttj
  3. "You can sail on laughter and mirth" #OddLyricFromDisneyThemeParkSong
  4. Great, now this theme song is now in my head http://youtu.be/AHcOPcM0hJU
  5. They knocked their bloggers offline right before the election, broke all podcast feeds, content scattered all over
  6. If looking for examples of how NOT to relaunch your website, wbez.org is a great example. Nothing but problems for weeks; didn't they test?
  7. Another day, another batch of web development bugs to track down
  8. Oh goody, WLIT has gone "All Christmas" (http://bit.ly/cjzWYT). Just love their playlist of 5 Christmas songs, over & over & over again. Gag
  9. My archive of "Steve's 25 Days of Christmas Music" from 2001-2009 is online http://tannerworld.com/christmas - Lookin' forward to 2010!
  10. A look back at View-Master and Disney http://bit.ly/apCHf7
  11. How much money did Coke pay the Sun-Times for what is basically an ad for the Freestyle machine http://bit.ly/bz3Yxf
  12. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't mind trying to recreate Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving this year http://bit.ly/bkTzHy
  13. It's not even good journalism, Chicago already had Freestyle in couple other locations, and it was showcased at the NRA Show here in May!
  14. Tonight we have the amazing opportunity to introduce a friend to the 1985 film "Clue" for the first time
  15. Holiday exterior illumination project begins now...
  16. Perfect example of clueless leadership RT @DisneyParks: Newest Disney Christmas tree made of 1,200 stuffed Duffy bears http://bit.ly/cGrSth
  17. The films for our 9th Annual "Festive Film Fridays" have been selected http://festivefilmfridays.com
  18. ... and with that single MNF play, I just lost my Fantasy Football game this week
  19. My latest post on @MagicalTrash: Un-themed garbage can in Fantasyland construction area? View the photo http://bit.ly/a1Epnb
  20. Pretty annoying to hear the ESPN commentators gush over Vick like he's the 2nd coming. I guess they got the memo from the NFL re: storyline
  21. Looks like the MySpace beta has rolled out with the new look. Well, at least it's less ugly
  22. New metatags introduced by Google to determine "author source" for articles in Google News http://nie.mn/b7276t
  23. My latest beverage review on @BevReview: Sobe Elixir Yumberry Pomegranate http://bit.ly/aH2WtW
  24. When it comes to doctorate-level, scholarly writing about Walt Disney World, none do it better than @MinnieMGirl http://bit.ly/atjdBA
  25. After months of waiting, found out Toyota is reimbursing us for a $3300 repair we had done in April! http://bit.ly/bIcRsb
  26. Pricey for View-Master reels, but awesome RT @viewproductions: We now have LIMITED QUANTITIES of Fallingwater packet http://bit.ly/9Guso9
  27. Hulu Plus drops $2 to $7.99. Still not worth it http://bit.ly/90qxKU
  28. The AV Club looks at the movie "Clue" as part of their New Cult Cannon http://bit.ly/bKHAqc
  29. Installed the Netflix Channel on my Wii, discarding the previously-required disc. I like the improved features, such as search
  30. WB-owned People magazine named Ryan Reynolds, star of upcoming WB-owned Green Lantern film, sexist man alive. Coincidence?
  31. I'd take John Denver & The Muppets over The Beatles in the iTunes Store anyday
  32. Recent arrival at BevReview HQ... do I smell bacon? http://yfrog.com/1634071711j
  33. Probably first time I've referenced both Arena Football and Space Shuttle in a @BevReview review: Golazo Energy Drink http://bit.ly/cSNcx7
  34. RT @MagicalTrash: Hyperion Wharf will be a disaster for Disney... there's not a single trash can in this concept art. Messy, messy! htt ...
  35. My latest Disney Trash Can photo at @MagicalTrash: Dole Whips in the Rain... well, at least that's what would hope! http://bit.ly/cJlba9
  36. So apparently Disney's big plan to overhall Pleasure Island: Slap a theme on a Westfield Shoppingtown & call it a day http://bit.ly/9W6QdZ
  37. Holiday TV FYI - "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" airs tonight on ABC at 7 p.m. Central -- and will reair on Thanksgiving, same time
  38. Just had a great meeting with a contractor to discuss some new projects for @Kidology
  39. Looking forward to @AGarciaPhoto's talk on "The Power of Visual Storytelling" at @HeadstandMedia's Nightstand tonight http://bit.ly/c1SUPg
  40. 1 endzone? NU & Illinois "student athletes" need to man up and just put more pads in the endzone, Arena Football style! http://es.pn/dfRXMD
  41. It's not every day that your sister calls and asks, "Hey, I found a box of Quaker Crunchy Corn Bran... want some?"
  42. Kansas City continues to live up to the negative reputation I like to give it. Seriously, the Kansas City Sporting? http://bit.ly/bvIoec
  43. Disney not just going for "Best Animated Feature" Oscar, but "Best Picture" entirely http://bit.ly/avZsKa
  44. Tumblr gets additional funding http://bit.ly/9F9hgj - I've been experimenting with Tumblr on my @MagicalTrash site
  45. Cleaning LEGO train track in preparation for it circling around the village at the bottom of our Christmas tree
  46. Once upon a time, "multicolored" lights included white bulbs. I miss those days
  47. Netflix starts offering a streaming-only plan in the US & raises price on all their other plans (Ours is going up $1) http://bit.ly/adSLdi
  48. Weigel Broadcasting's MeTV just declared war on Tribune's Antenna TV... and I love it! http://bit.ly/a7Wd83
  49. Free polka Christmas music from Chicago-based Polkaholics http://bit.ly/bryfLD
  50. Kudos to US Cellular for being on Consumer Reports "nice" list. Not surprising that Macy's is not http://bit.ly/9XgVEE
  51. RT @BevReview: Counting down to Thanksgiving, who could forget 2006's Jones Antacid Flavored Soda, complete w/measuring cup! http://bit. ...
  52. New website for MeTV Network http://www.metvnetwork.com/
  53. I'm thinking Black Friday... not as a customer, more from the "I hope the server holds up" perspective!
  54. They got one thing right on the US Version of "Top Gear"... the name. Everything else, not so much http://bit.ly/fFFbo6
  55. Didn't help that WBEZ botched their web relaunch RT @RobertFeder: I’m leaving Chicago Public Media’s Vocalo blogs http://bit.ly/e4adgH
  56. Official press release for @wciu's MeTV Network http://bit.ly/geLSSq and schedule http://bit.ly/g7mpr1
  57. My friend Adam writes about a new boardgame from the folks at LEGO, "Minotaurus" http://bit.ly/fP0wgv
  58. Throw it away in the VMK! RT @MagicalTrash: New Photo: Yes, there were even Disney trash cans in Virtual Magic Kingdom! http://bit.ly/ggKYds
  59. Recap of our 5th annual "Clue Night" back in October... including goofy photos! http://bit.ly/ejQCVD
  60. Enjoying the fixin's for a true Charlie Brown Thanksgiving http://twitpic.com/3a3pix
  61. Need Christmas music for holiday decorating? Download previous collections of "Steve's 25 Days of Christmas Music" http://bit.ly/58E2QI
  62. Big football weekend coming up. Not only NFL action, but @theUFL Championship Game on Saturday and the @CFL 98th Grey Cup on Sunday
  63. I have to laugh at this blog post by @spudart regarding Quark, since I've been dealing with an old project that uses it http://bit.ly/fJI3fL
  64. Despair walking fine line of look/feel parody of @chooseadventure with their new "Lose Your Own Adventure" series http://bit.ly/dImiNK
  65. RT @DisneyMusic: Want to hear more of the Tron Soundtrack... why, here you go :) http://ht.ly/3hckk
  66. I may have enough spare parts laying around to do this... build a LEGO Death Star ornament http://bit.ly/eExXHp
  67. All 6,552 Christmas lights are now operating at the Tanner condo... both indoor and outdoor
  68. Before it starts tomorrow, read all about our "Culinary Christmas" theme for Steve's 25 Days of Christmas Music! http://bit.ly/fyQCjg
  69. Congrats to Disney for releasing Fantasia on Blu-ray. Boo to Disney for censoring it.
  70. Just a few more hours till the start of the 10th annual "Steve's 25 Days of Christmas Music"
  71. We kick off Steve's 25 Days of Christmas Music w/ "Christmas Dinner, Country Style", made famous by Bing Crosby in 1963 http://bit.ly/fSZyWI
  72. Day 1 of Steve's 25 Days of Christmas Music: "Christmas Dinner, Country Style" http://bit.ly/fSZyWI
  73. So much to say about the new Disney Weddings blog... but I'll keep my mouth shut http://disneyweddingsblog.com/
  74. This year's 25 Days theme is "Culinary Christmas"... each song features food/drink. Go check it out! http://bit.ly/8a8Srt
  75. Today kicks off "Steve's 25 Days of Christmas Music", my 10th annual audio advent calendar http://bit.ly/8a8Srt
  76. Awesome! RT @MagicalTrash: New Photo: The iconic, original EPCOT Center trash can from 1983, thanks to @ProgressCityUSA http://bit.ly/gaXgdA
  77. The CNA building in downtown Chicago is lighting tonight for World AIDS Day. Here's a look at the design http://bit.ly/f1insZ
  78. Make sure you grab today's song from "Steve's 25 Days of Christmas Music" - Christmas Dinner Country Style http://bit.ly/fSZyWI
  79. Excited to add the original EPCOT Center garbage can to the @MagicalTrash collection (apparently, I need a life!) http://bit.ly/gaXgdA
  80. Day 2 of Steve's 25 Days of Christmas Music: "Chinese Food on Christmas" http://bit.ly/fNSaXi
  81. Why yes, I do enjoy Quaker Crunchy Corn Bran http://bit.ly/fTh2lz
  82. These 1975 Haunted Mansion and 20,000 Leagues boardgames look pretty awesome http://bit.ly/eDUHqI
  83. I did... but then you closed Chicago's location RT @WaltDisneyWorld: Have you tried DisneyQuest indoor interactive theme park?
  84. It would be funny if "Tron Legacy" failed at box office because folks couldn't watch original (Disney refused to rerelease on DVD/Blu-ray)
  85. Day 3 of Steve's 25 Days of Christmas Music: "12 Days of Christmas" by Straight No Chaser http://bit.ly/hQ5VqZ
  86. In case you missed it, 2 new posts on @MagicalTrash this week: Epcot 1983 http://bit.ly/gaXgdA and Esplanade 2010 http://bit.ly/f3t6D9
  87. Today's featured foods in our "Steve's 25 Days of Christmas Music" song: Pear, milk, geese, wassail, hen, boar's head http://bit.ly/hQ5VqZ
  88. It's great to see that Goofy picked up that smoking habit again #UneditedSaludosAmigos
  89. The first of our three Festive Film Fridays kick off tonight. Interested in dropping by? Drop me a line! http://festivefilmfridays.com
  90. Popcorn w/ Rosemary Clooney on Day 4 of Steve's 25 Days of Christmas Music: "Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!" http://bit.ly/exfZZA
  91. Heading down to State Street to see how Macy's screwed up the Christmas windows once again (@ CTA Station - Jefferson Park Blue Line)
  92. Doing our part to keep Rick Bayless in business... plus we love this place! (@ XOCO) http://4sq.com/4mFxOj
  93. Just when you think that Macy's couldn't do a worse job on Christmas windows... they find a way. Theme should be "A Craptacular Christmas"
  94. Rum? Yup, that's the "Culinary Christmas" ingredient on Day 5 of Steve's 25 Days of Christmas Music: "In the Snow" http://bit.ly/dKnxF3
  95. Bonus points for aggressive salting of the sidewalks! (@ Park Community Church) http://4sq.com/7Robee
  96. We're celebrating rum w/ today's song - "In the Snow" - during Steve's 25 Days of Christmas Music - Listen & download! http://bit.ly/dKnxF3
  97. Having Comcast connectivity issues in Chicago... Anyone else? @ComcastCares
  98. Like many folks effected by the IL/IN/MI Comcast internet outage (http://t.co/D778dGh), Google's DNS solved the problem http://bit.ly/9FNGfz
  99. Screenshot of #Comcast DNS status nationwide. Hubs in Chicago and Detroit are completely shot http://yfrog.com/5sjslp
  100. In case you missed any of last week's Christmas tunes, here are links to songs 1-6: http://tannerworld.com/christmas
  101. Another week for Steve's 25 Days of Christmas Music. Today we have fries, apple pies, & burgers: "Ding Fries Are Done" http://bit.ly/geZdve
  102. For those of you who own "Walt & El Groupo", here's a free download to the soundtrack of "Saludos Amigos" http://bit.ly/f5gvbg
  103. Did you know that there are actually 4 Charlie Brown Christmas TV specials? http://bit.ly/f22lmJ
  104. AdWeek on Disney snubbing "Tron Guy" http://bit.ly/hj6Gbl
  105. Consumer Reports on AT&T: Worst mobile carrier http://bit.ly/ik0ZuZ
  106. On the flipside, great to see local carrier US Cellular get some love. Always been happy with them http://bit.ly/ik0ZuZ
  107. Cheap pizza special for MNF (@ Moretti's Ristorante) http://4sq.com/93bXU0
  108. RT @karllong: Wikileaks proving that the internet is not as open & democratic as many had envisioned
  109. Today on "Steve's 25 Days of Christmas Music", we accommodate those weirdos who refuse to eat meat http://bit.ly/e0pXMr
  110. KiddieRecords.com has posted some vintage Christmas children's stories and songs for playback and download http://bit.ly/evQnNH
  111. Enjoy "Christmas Songs Vol. 1" by @ParkChurchMusic. @timschraeder explains the unique nature of the album http://bit.ly/fH4uVj
  112. Long live WikiLeaks
  113. Spotted the new Squirt bottle design (@ Walgreens) http://4sq.com/b81FMX
  114. RT @DeathStarPR: US Press Freedom Day: celebrating you're right to talk about anything in the media. So long as it's been approved by th ...
  115. After watching "Walt & El Grupo" and every special feature on the DVD, I can say that it's a very solid thumbs up! http://amzn.to/gTvC0F
  116. The "Walt & El Grupo" DVD is worth it for uncut 1942 "Saludos Amigos" (but is so much more). Still, this is awesome: http://yfrog.com/h0letp
  117. What does "Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?" have to do with Steve's 25 Days of Christmas Music? Find out! http://bit.ly/f9sPjR
  118. Congrats to the folks at SpaceX for the successful launch of Falcon 9 this morning http://youtu.be/p47Tzn9xl0g
  119. If anything indicates Disney's "slippage" in the theme park standings, these 30% off food coupons are a great example http://bit.ly/eRc3BA
  120. RT @NASAKennedy: The SpaceX post-mission press conference is live on NASA TV right now. http://www.nasa.gov/ntv
  121. Comparing @TopGear_America vs. @BBC_TopGear is like comparing MEGA Bloks vs. LEGO. The copy looks familiar, but it's such a soulless fraud
  122. Today is my Dad's birthday. Last year we celebrated it at Walt Disney World and used the "Fastpass Birthday Card" http://bit.ly/eZWZwr
  123. RT @MagicalTrash: New Photo: 1966 construction site at the Disneyland Hotel. But just what is sitting on top of this trash can? http:// ...
  124. Really helpful list. Transmit3 was amazing upgrade this year RT @jschuller: The Best Mac Software of 2010: http://bit.ly/fFkky6
  125. Just read a rant complaining that Peppermint Patty is annoying in "A Charlie Brown Christmas". Um, she's not even in the show!
  126. Who'd want to travel to OH or WI anyway? RT @cbs2chicago: Illinois To Get Rail Money Rejected By Ohio, Wisconsin http://bit.ly/hn6plA
  127. Great to know that #kidmin just discovered the Fake Twitter Account trend with @fakekidmin - way to stay 6-12 months beyond the curve
  128. Tonight's Festive Film Friday: "Dickens in the 1970s" ("American Christmas Carol" [1979] & "Scrooge" [1970]) http://festivefilmfridays.com
  129. What the heck is a "holiday heart"? Uncover the mystery during today's song for Steve's 25 Days of Christmas Music http://bit.ly/fQ38Qz
  130. Rebuilt my "State Street Christmas Windows" page on SteveandAmySly.com. 2010 still to come, but read 2003-9 recaps http://bit.ly/eHS0Py
  131. In their retelling of "Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus," Macy's Christmas windows renamed "Virginia O'Hanlon" to "Virginia Hanlon"
  132. Looking forward to Over the Rhine's Christmas show (@ Old Town School of Folk Music) http://4sq.com/8REQy1
  133. It's snowy! (@ Park Community Church) http://4sq.com/7Robee
  134. For a limited time, download the audio from the 1960s storybook LP version of "A Charlie Brown Christmas" via our blog http://bit.ly/gykrNX
  135. Trailer for "Disney's Senseless Money Grab 4", err... "Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides" http://youtu.be/fmjO0iNdd6c
  136. Well, it took 20 minutes, but I got my car doors to finally unlock in the arctic cold
  137. This is really a clever idea for putting new life into old Monopoly, Clue, Trivial Pursuit, & Scrabble games http://boardgame-remix-kit.com
  138. Based on the box office numbers, I got a feeling that Narnia 3 is the last we'll see http://bit.ly/dOU1Ad
  139. The new Trends Dashboard on YouTube is pretty nifty http://www.youtube.com/trendsdashboard
  140. I love how the Fox commentators equate broken roof = needing new stadium for Vikings. Um, no. Fixing the roof still far cheaper .
  141. Congrats to Detroit for hosting two professional football teams for a change
  142. RT @erikvorhes: Twitter twitter twitter. http://instagr.am/p/jtSr/
  143. I still miss Virtual Magic Kingdom RT @MagicalTrash: New Photo: Christmas in the VMK... Disney trash cans in the snow! http://bit.ly/eGveKM
  144. Wassail... it's both a noun & verb. It's also the subject of today's song during "Steve's 25 Days of Christmas Music"! http://bit.ly/gvzBsm
  145. Enjoyed some bobsledding action on @UniversalSports last night. Great to have that back in season!
  146. Today is a great time to catch up on "Steve's 25 Days of Christmas Music" http://tannerworld.com/christmas
  147. Apparently I'm not the only weirdo who enjoys Disney trash cans. There are over 100 followers now on the @MagicalTrash Twitter account
  148. Birthday party for Grandma (@ Central Baptist Village) http://4sq.com/aEnKp0
  149. Brenda Lee changes the words to "A Marshmallow World" for today's installment of Steve's 25 Days of Christmas Music http://bit.ly/e2rghV
  150. TCF Bank has to be pleased with all the name promotion they are getting with the Vikings/Bears game venue switch
  151. 2007 photo of me in Haymarket, VA at the planned location of the Disney's America project... now a housing development http://bit.ly/hZ8hF5
  152. "It's like trying to land on lasagna" - quote from my cousin Dan, a pilot, about the deteriorating runway conditions at Midway Airport
  153. Part 1 of our 8th annual "State Street Showdown" - a look at Chicago's Christmas windows - is now on @SteveandAmySly http://bit.ly/gZgehA
  154. Today's song for "Steve's 25 Days of Christmas Music" contains berries, popcorn, apples, candy, nuts, & tea http://bit.ly/f7W5o4
  155. The Walnut Room Christmas tree on Macy's on State Street looks straight out of TRON... and that's not a good thing http://bit.ly/ghMziC
  156. Based on this chart, it would seem Pixar exists not to make movies, but to make movies that sell junk merchandise http://bit.ly/gFlQAF
  157. Ridiculous situation, move the game RT @VikingsFootball: Ticket policy for Vikings vs. Bears game at TCF Bank Stadium http://bit.ly/f4lGTa
  158. "Teaser" screen currently airing on Chicago's 9.2, promoting Tribune's attempt at MeTV knock-off/clone... Antenna TV http://bit.ly/fEtM4D
  159. RT @Superdawg: #youknowyouarefromchicago when you started calling all Macy's everywhere Marshall Fields out of loyalty to much more then ...
  160. Some Irish guy had a hit-and-run with your grandma. Yup, Day 17 of "Steve's 25 Days of Christmas Music" is here! http://bit.ly/gfcfZb
  161. Now streaming on our blog till Christmas: The 1979 TV special: "John Denver & The Muppets: A Christmas Together" http://bit.ly/hnKDxs
  162. It's Hardrock, Coco, and Joe!
  163. Day 18 of Steve's 25 Days of Christmas Music: Snow White sings "Have A Holly Jolly Christmas". I apologize in advance http://bit.ly/fhdMDB
  164. "Tangled" exceeded my expectations. It was a very good animated film!
  165. "Uncle Billy was obviously ADD" - @AmySly. Imagine how different "It's A Wonderful Life" would have turned out if he just had some Ritalin
  166. Brrrrrr! A chilly morning (@ Park Community Church) http://4sq.com/hR92k8
  167. The goose is getting fat during our December 19 song on Steve's 25 Days of Christmas Music http://bit.ly/f5o7Vb
  168. It's the final week of "Steve's 25 Days of Christmas Music". Catch up on all the songs we've shared so far: http://tannerworld.com/christmas
  169. Nothing starts off a week better than a helping of wild boar! Eat up during 'Steve's 25 Days of Christmas Music' http://bit.ly/e4MTPa
  170. 2010 edition of "State Street Showdown" online, w/detailed look at Macy's Christmas windows in Chicago http://bit.ly/eHS0Py @FieldsFansChgo
  171. "Gremlins": Christmas movie or not? Show your work.
  172. Narnia 3 hasn't done very well in the US, but has 3x that gross oversees so far http://bit.ly/i6b05k
  173. Lunar eclipse tonight = good time to spin "The Darkest Night of the Year", a Christmas album from Over the Rhine http://bit.ly/fIvEjK
  174. Fantasy football owners across the country scream in horror when they discover that Favre is starting tonight
  175. Glad to see that the NFL took "head injuries" seriously by keeping the Bears/Vikings game in Minnesota #hypocrites
  176. Looking at field during Bears/Vikings #MNF game makes me appreciate the old Big Ten logo more
  177. I was really hoping the Bears would remove some body parts off Brett Favre before knocking him out
  178. Does anyone remember Hanson, the one-hit-wonder group? Believe it or not, they had a Christmas album http://bit.ly/ej5dhU
  179. New blog post: Compare & contrast 3 versions of The Muppets performing "12 Days of Christmas" http://bit.ly/g91kBG
  180. Day 21 of Steve's 25 Days of Christmas Music & we're "Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree" with Hanson (and pumpkin pie!) http://bit.ly/ej5dhU
  181. Shot this in '09 w/the fam RT @MagicalTrash: Disney doesn’t often have seasonal trash cans, but here's one exception… http://bit.ly/h4yj6X
  182. Sports Business Journal offers predictions on TV rights in 2011, including NFL, NHL, and the Olympics. It's Comcast heavy http://ow.ly/3sAPH
  183. For those interested, this was the 2009 Tanner village... with a "Clue" boardgame theme http://bit.ly/eC68Td
  184. Taking some photos of the 2010 Tanner Christmas Tree Village... I used a View-Master theme this year. Hope to have a post w/images soon
  185. Stats for "Steve's 25 Days of Christmas Music 2010" - Oldest Song: 1951. Newest: 2010. We like variety! http://tannerworld.com/christmas
  186. Ella Fitzgerald cranks out a swingin' "Frosty the Snowman" on Day 22 of Steve's 25 Days of Christmas Music http://bit.ly/h32Lmq
  187. RT @MagicalTrash: New photo: Herbie needs to recycle for the holidays! But just what is leaking out of the bottom of this can? http://bi ...
  188. The best way to see TRON in 3D.... http://flic.kr/p/93gY59
  189. Looks pretty gloomy at Disneyland right now http://bit.ly/hUtYnQ
  190. Day 23 of Steve's 25 Days of Christmas Music brings us a somewhat lyrically-modified version of "Good King Wenceslas" http://bit.ly/f9aODj
  191. Here's a photo tour behind the Christmas village we built under the Tanner Christmas tree this year: View-Masterville http://bit.ly/fgjXCD
  192. RT @MagicalTrash: Photo: Like a seasonal sentry, this snowflake-adorned trash can stands guard on the Streets of America,... http://tumb ...
  193. Roger Whittaker makes a big deal re: figgy pudding during today's installment of "Steve's 25 Days of Christmas Music" http://bit.ly/fBKYJU
  194. Holiday post recap: John Denver/Muppets TV special http://bit.ly/hnKDxs , John Denver vs. Jimmy Fallon doing "12 Days" http://bit.ly/g91kBG
  195. In case you missed some of my holiday posts: Tour of View-Masterville http://bit.ly/fgjXCD , State Street Showdown http://bit.ly/eHS0Py
  196. Heading to @musicboxtheatre later today for a viewing of "White Christmas"... woo hoo!
  197. 3 Disney Christmas garbage cans via @MagicalTrash: #1 ( http://bit.ly/h4yj6X ), #2 ( http://bit.ly/i4ZkTk ), and #3 ( http://bit.ly/gAe18K )
  198. Also, don't miss the 2010 edition of "Steve's 25 Days of Christmas Music http://tannerworld.com/christmas
  199. More holiday posts: Charlie Brown Christmas Quadrilogy http://bit.ly/f22lmJ ,Charlie Brown Christmas 1960s LP audio http://bit.ly/gykrNX
  200. "White Christmas" on the big screen! (@ Music Box Theatre w/ 5 others) [pic]: http://4sq.com/iaWihz
  201. A quick post about our time watching "White Christmas" at the @MusicBoxTheatre this afternoon http://bit.ly/dYGXZV
  202. A Snowy Christmas Eve Walk http://bit.ly/ghdkoc
  203. Here's the FINAL song in "Steve's 25 Days of Christmas Music" - Have a Merry Christmas everyone. Thanks for listening! http://bit.ly/ebUtyk
  204. Catching "The Music Man" at the theater with the family (@ Lincolnshire Marriott Resort) http://4sq.com/eqL3e0
  205. What if you took the boardgame Ticket to Ride & added monsters? What's the story on this "Alvin and Dexter Expansion"? http://bit.ly/f2Ber6
  206. Some speculation of mine regarding the rumored "Ticket to Ride - Alvin and Dexter Expansion" http://bit.ly/gzB9uI
  207. "At one point, 50% of the CD's produced worldwide had an AOL logo on it" http://b.qr.ae/eS4VHW
  208. So at what point do you stop playing Christmas music?
  209. As expected, the NFL bows to the throne of Brett Favre and avoids punishment. Weak.
  210. Wow, this is sad: Olympic filmmaker Bud Greenspan dies at 84. His "16 Days of Glory" series was awesome! http://bit.ly/dNPVdp
  211. As a person who has spent a lot of time a KOA Kampgrounds, seeing their logo on a bobsled is kinda weird http://bit.ly/hMDxcA
  212. Oh what fun it is to... approve proofs
  213. I'd be more interested in the Chick-fil-A Bowl if it was a food item, and not a lame college game
  214. Anyone have a recommendation for a firm that does embroidery of logos on clothing items?
  215. Then what's the point? RT @nbcchicago: CTA Train Tracker coming next month, but won't be as accurate as Bus Tracker http://bit.ly/dMg1SL
  216. Last night I finished a very painful task... rewatching "The Amazing Race: Family Edition" from start to finish
  217. If your View-Master reels turned red over time, that's because they didn't use Kodachrome, which retired today http://n.pr/hTkljs
  218. Just wrote a story for @BevReview about a product called "Pepsi Next", a half-calorie drink being test marketed http://bit.ly/fittwL
  219. Instead of Top 10 lists, @AmySly & I summarize 2010 with our annual look at "A Year in Photos" on our blog http://bit.ly/hMdHWt
  220. CD-ROM data proof arrived at my door. Everything looks good. It looks like we'll make the deadline after all! Thanks @Discmakers
  221. Hey NBC, you might want to put a disclaimer on your broadcast that you are showing a hockey game that took place 2 years ago
  222. It's pretty disingenuous for NBC to be showing all these taped hockey games as filler without acknowledging with on screen graphics
  223. Nice job by Rio 2016 on their new Olympic logo http://bit.ly/elVmEZ
  224. Narnia 3 hasn't done so well in the U.S., but it's made 68% of its gross overseas. Not bad http://bit.ly/feALju
  225. Confirmed: Monsters are definitely coming to Ticket to Ride via "Alvin & Dexter" expansion. More details and images http://bit.ly/gzB9uI
  226. RT @days_of_wonder: Ticket to Ride fans – Meet Alvin & Dexter! http://goo.gl/fb/V6hZq
  227. New post: Steve's Bloody Stickers http://bit.ly/gPX2bQ
  228. It's always an interesting day when you receive a cease and desist order
  229. I'll be waiting on that royalty check anytime now
  230. Apparently, one of my Disney-related tweets got printed in K! Magazine http://twitpic.com/3n2zo7 Thanks... I think :) #kidmin
  231. Received a "Cease and Desist" letter today regarding a story I wrote for @BevReview about Pepsi Next http://bit.ly/fittwL
  232. CBS crosspromoted their new Paula Abdul "Live To Dance" show via "The Amazing Race" Facebook Page. Bad idea http://on.fb.me/e9zqpn
  233. Wendy's new sea salt fries taste like "we've run out of ideas"
  234. The ultimate sign that TRON Legacy failed RT @DLdocumentary: I guess TRON toys aren't doing too well http://twitpic.com/3nc4rj
  235. Columbus Dispatch story about "homeless man/great voice" didn't go viral until posted on YouTube. Newspaper fail http://youtu.be/uTysXITBCmk
  236. Broncos will learn the hard way that all John Elway does is run a franchise into the ground (see AFL's Colorado Crush) http://bit.ly/eWngFH
  237. Kudos to @UniversalSports for their marathon of Bud Greenspan Olympic documentaries this week. Keep 'em comin'! http://bit.ly/eIYKsy
  238. Digital trash can? RT @MagicalTrash: How about a Disney trash can from Horizons? You've NEVER seen this one before! http://bit.ly/fsnkT4
  239. Shortlisted Olympic mascots for Sochi 2014: Polar bear, snow leopard, and Father Frost http://bit.ly/eLbaLu
  240. Feedback on "Ticket to Ride: Alvin & Dexter Monster Expansion" seems pretty mixed on BoardGameGeek http://bit.ly/huA38f
  241. By spending $2 Billion to renew MNF deal, ESPN apparently still has no money to hire good commentators http://bit.ly/gc5S2Y
  242. And in typical newspaper industry fashion, they had "homeless voice" YouTube clip pulled http://bit.ly/hrepSp
  243. Within minutes of news that Illinois is passing new tax scheme, Amazon.com e-mailed re: my Associates account being terminated if it passes
  244. Great to see @TheMeTVNetwork from the folks at @WCIU on Twitter... now they just need to tweet something! :)
  245. A look at why shows like "Lost", which have been widely available for free online viewing, are still heaviliy pirated http://bit.ly/edku63
  246. RT @BevReview: News: Pepsi, Dew Throwback return in 2011 for 4th limited run, perhaps extended beyond 8 weeks http://bit.ly/g8IAQg
  247. Ticket to Ride: Alvin & Dexter Expansion photos: Box http://bit.ly/gBIXWG , Dexter http://bit.ly/fSZb7p , Alvin http://bit.ly/f659Fp
  248. Flying from Chicago to Orlando today for a conference at Walt Disney World
  249. Just checked in. It's still snowing, but pretty quiet at the airport (@ Chicago Midway International Airport ?) [pic]: http://4sq.com/h5IcSG
  250. TSA Security Theater is so much better than Broadway. And the actors aren't union!