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Bid Logo Lowdown - Introduction
Bid Logo Lowdown - Introduction

Did you know that this is an Olympic year? That's right, this summer the Games will be held in Athens! In fact, here's the schedule for the next 4 Olympics:

2004 - Summer - Athens, Greece website
2006 - Winter - Torino, Italy website
2008 - Summer - Beijing, China website
2010 - Winter - Vancouver, Canada website
2012 - Summer - ????

It has not yet been decided where the 2012 Summer Olympics will be held. Thus, I'd like to introduce the...

Bid Logo Lowdown

Here's how it will work...

About the Bidding Process
As cities candidate for the honor to host the Games, they have to go through many processes and approvals along the way. During the bidding cycle, they create logos for their bids. HOWEVER, one of the stated rules is that they cannot use the official Olympic rings in their bid logos. When a city wins the games, a new official logo is usually created.

City Selection Date
The International Olympic Committee will select a city for the 2012 Games on July 6, 2005. However, we are going to choose a winner a year early based on the logos supplied by each candidate city.

Voting, Musical Chairs-Style
Each week you'll cast multiple votes for the logos. Unique to this contest, you can vote for every city but one each week. (For example, if a round features 8 cities, you can cast 7 votes). The city receiving the fewest number of votes gets eliminated from the competition. The cycle is continued until we have just one city remaining. This is the winner of the Bid Logo Lowdown.

Here are the cities currently bidding for the 2012 Summer Olympics:


Istanbul (Turkey) website


Leipzig (Germany) website


London (Great Britain) website


Madrid (Spain) website


Moscow (Russia) website


New York (United States) website


Paris (France) website


Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) website


Watch for the first round of Bid Logo Lowdown on Monday, April 12!

Any questions? Post them here!

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