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Mountain Dew X = Mountain Dew MDX
DewWatch continues here at SteveandAmySly.com! Back in May we reported that Pepsi was test marketing a product under the name of "Mountain Dew X". Cans were generic and silver. Many folks got to test it via a free signup. Later, samples showed up on eBay. Unfortunately, I never got a chance to check it out.

Image Source: BeNocturnal.com

Now word comes form Pepsi that a new product, Mountain Dew MDX, is set to hit the market November 1. This is the same product that was tested under the "Mountain Dew X" name about 6 months ago. A website has been launched at BeNocturnal.com, hinting that "hey, who needs sleep when you have this high-powered energy drink!"

Image Source: BeNocturnal.com

It would appear that Mountain Dew MDX is Pepsi's answer to the soft drink/energy drink hybrid that many brands are attempting these days (Pepsi calls this an "energy soda"). Their experiments with "AMP Energy Drink from Mountain Dew" probably led them to this point. It's probably no coincidence that Coke's Vault also proclaims this pop/energy combination. Interestingly, MDX is set to hit the shelves in November, while most folks think that Vault won't go nationwide until next year. Preemptive strike by Pepsi?

Image Source: BeNocturnal.com

Mountain Dew X makes a big deal out of this "Power Pack" that's included with the drink. We saw it referenced on the beta test back in May and it's back with the actual product now. According to Pepsi, this Power Pack is "fueled by ingredients including Ginseng, Guarana, Taurine, and D-Ribose, helping to provide a higher level of energy than regular soda." Add a little caffeine in there and you'll be up all night! (Yeah, I get it... noctural).

Image Source: BeNocturnal.com

Here's some babble from the official press release:

The launch of MDX also marks the debut of a new and unique single-serve 14-oz PET bottle. MDX's exclusive packaging is convenient, portable and features a re-sealable cap and easy-to-grip bottle. The clear bottle also highlights the cool neon green look of the beverage.

Image Source: BevNet.com

"Mountain Dew helped create the energy category and MDX is the next logical step in our evolution," said Katie Lacey, VP-marketing, carbonated soft drinks, Pepsi-Cola North America. "Consumers are increasingly looking for energy - witness the explosion of energy drinks - there is great opportunity for an entirely new category. MDX satisfies the consumer who is looking for a boost of energy but refuses to sacrifice taste and refreshment."

Image Source: BevNet.com

The MDX ad campaign will kick off with the debut of a national TV commercial, created by BBDO, during the World Series. In the 30-second spot, owls, raccoons, bats and other nocturnal creatures lip synch to the Lionel Richie classic "All Night Long" while giving us a peak into their active nightlife. The print, online and radio campaign are fully integrated into the nocturnal theme, offering games and wisdom for those who want to "own the night."
It appears they are going to be launching a sugar free version at the same time. No word yet on how that would be sweetened. As far as caffeine content is concerned, MDX will contain about 5.875 mg per ounce, which is the same as Coke's new Vault. Interestingly, the diet version of MDX will contain more caffeine, at 6.25 mg per ounce. For comparison, regular Dew, Code Red, LiveWire, and Pitch Black II all just have 4.5 mg of caffeine per ounce. AMP Energy Drink from Mountain Dew has 8.875 mg per ounce. However, if you buy regular Dew in Canada, it is caffeine free by default -- but that's just useless info.

Let the beverage wars continue!
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