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State Street Showdown 2006 - Part 3
2nd Place: Carson Pirie Scott

In a surprising move, Carson Pirie Scott didn't place last in this year's State Street Showdown. Instead, they move up to 2nd place. Of course, this isn't because their windows were that great. It's more that they didn't stink as bad as Sears.

Soon, this will be no more!

Carson's has had a bumpy little year as well. The acquisition of the store by Bon-Ton Stores was finalized in March, thankfully with no name change. But the big news was made in August, when the new owners announced they would be leaving the State Street location in March 2007.

Finally, an unobstructed view of the building

The building, historically called the Carson, Pirie, Scott and Company Building and now marketed as the Sullivan Center by current owner, Joseph Freed & Associates (who, as you may recall, is now also in charge of the Block 37 development). Carson's has been at the location since 1904, which is actually part of the reason they are leaving.

This is a special place to see

According to Crain's Chicago Business, "the 100-year-old State Street location was plagued with maintenance issues. Escalators and elevators were always on the fritz and the heating and cooling system was difficult to maintain. Meanwhile, the store's layout of winding corridors and semi-interconnected rooms made it a challenge to shop and merchandise." While that mean seem like sour grapes, it was also revealed that the State Street location was the only store in the Carson's chain not making money, primarily due to the high overhead. Bon-Ton also revealed that the building owner also offered Carson's incentives to leave, as they want to convert the structure to a mixed-use site with retail, office, and entertainment options. Carson's has said they would be open to other locations in the city, but nothing has been finalized at this time.

Facade rehab work, December 2004

More facade rehab work, December 2005

What that really means is that this is the final year that Carson's will be included in the State Street Showdown. Which is sort of a pity, as this is the first December in the last 3 that the building hasn't had goofy scaffolding all around it harming the view (the building has been undergoing major refurbishments on the upper floors).

Classic Christmas

I'll tell you right now, overall, the Carson's windows aren't too impressive. Like Sears, they are there solely to sell product. This year, the theme of the windows is "Classic Carson's. Classic Christmas." I personally feel it's an improvement over last year's Broadway-inspired "Shimmer" windows. The reason we think they deserve a spot ahead of Sears is due to two factors, "Chicaogoness" and "Illusion."

Nice use of lights and garland to make "dresses" above doors

First off, the trend is some sort of fashion item (clothing, perfume, purses) placed into the context of Chicago in winter. This is emphasized by very attractive monotone background images in each window portraying some element of Chicago, such as a park or the lakefront. And as far as the illusion element, in many cases the 2D background images are supported by 3D props in the windows, creating what feels like an almost-real scene, pulling you out of the context of looking at a window and into the setting of "being there."

There are 19 windows in this series, but it's really not that high. We included some smaller windows as well as store windows that actually looked into the retail area, but had a small mannequin in the window. We felt that these should be included because they continued the theme.

Why don't you decide for yourself if Carson's deserves the 2nd place spot?

Window #1: Boot

In this small window, lies a boot

(Sorry about the reflections in these photos, Carson's was by far the hardest to photograph)

Window #2: Shoe

Yes, it's a shoe

(Note the artsy background... not the part with the car!)

Window #3: Shoes

Hey, it's two shoes!

(I like the fake snow and greenery)

Window #4: Perfume

Looks expensive

(You get a better view of the background photos in this shot)

Window #5: Cologne

More smelly stuff

(I wonder where those arches are?)

Window #6: Beautiful Perfume

It's orangish

(Nice lighting; this is the last of the small windows)


Window #7: Waterford

We had some Waterford stuff at one time

Look at all that breakable stuff!

(We now begin the large, full size windows)

Window #8: AK Anne Klein

Does "AK" stand for "Anne Klein"?

She'll be warm next to that gate

(See how the background creates a nice setting?)

Window #9: JS Social

Is this JS Social, JP Pocial, or what?

The woman on the right might get cold

(I can't figure out that font!)

Window #10: Jones New York

If you put New York in the name, will it sell?

Note the breakwater "curb" in the background image

Note how it transitions from 2D to 3D

(This window capture some of the feeling of "being there", though probably better in person that via these photos)

And then we went around the corner...

Window #11: Jones New York

It's more Jones New York!

That's some pretty tall hair!

Window #12: Liz Claiborne

It's Liz

A nice park setting, complete with snowy wall behind them

Again, note how everything ties together thematically

Window #13: Joseph A

Maybe his last name is hard to pronounce

Dude, she is scary!

Window #14: Dooney & Bourke

I think they make handbags...

... and perhaps leathergoods

Window #15: Clinique Happy

The sequel to "Clinique Manic Depressive"

Here's another example of 2D + 3D design

Bonus points for Chicago's lakefront

Even the ground blends together

Window #16: Fossil

Aren't they extinct?

It's a hard-to-see handbag thingy

Window #17: Liz Claiborne

Ready for more Liz?

Need a bag?

Window #18: Kathy Van Zeeland

Wasn't "Lord of the Rings" filmed there?

Now that is a huge bag!

Window #19: Berkshire Hosiery

Expensive pantyhose

So, so these models have bird heads?

They are mutants...

... with nice legs

And that's Carson's for 2006. It's not very Christmasy, but it is very classic in design. There's some Chicago in there, some winter theming, and the feeling that you are surrounded by the window design... even if it isn't fun or lighthearted. I can't even tell you when I last bought something at Carson Pirie Scott. Was it better than Carson's showing last year? Not sure, but hey, they got 2nd Place in the State Street Showdown, so let's move on.

One more installment to go. Do you think you know who wins it all in our State Street Showdown? Maybe you do. Maybe you don't.

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Old December 21st, 2006, 08:51 AM
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I agree that someone had to take last place, and Sears was the best choice... but have you ever considered a tie for last??? This would have been the year for that
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Old December 21st, 2006, 09:45 AM
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I *think* the arches are the cloisters at the University of Chicago. BTW: it's a tie for me for last place: Sears vs. CPS

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All that we send into the lives of others, comes back into our own."

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